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Beauford · 3rd Jun 2017
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We are a Clash of Clans War Clan.  Clan Tag #P8V2YO2

Rules are simple:
  • Donate what is requested
  • Donate only Max lvl troops and spells for War
  • Activity in and out of War is required
  • Heros or Spells down, make sure to opt out
  • Use both attacks in War
  • Follow War strategy
  • Maintain a 1:3 donation ratio
Failure to follow these simple rules will result in demotion and/or removal from the Clan.

Currently recruiting TH9+ with at least lvl 40 combined Heros and well balanced base/troop levels.  War experience is preferred and we accept players with 'engineered' bases.

Founding Fathers:  ReveredEric & Chris
Website Admin:  Beauford
War Coordinators:  ReveredEric, Chris, Navid, Kenny, FatDab, JB, and Beauford

Also on Clash Royale, Clan Tag #22JG2VQU

Our Clash Royale clan undergoing rebuilding.  Currently seeking active members at all levels.

Clan and Guest General Discussion
Public General Discussion, no politics, no religion discussions please.
24th Jun 2017 by Beauford in Update News!
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